Limited Edition - Honduras - Single Origin


Out latest limited edition coffee. This time from Honduras.

We love to bring you something different when it comes to our Limited Edition coffees and this one is no exception. We've jumped across the borders of Guatemala and El Salvador to neighbouring Honduras.

Here you will find a small Honduras Coffee farm only 2 hectares in size, owned and managed by Yolanda Arita with the help of her husband Luis and three sons.

This small, organic certified farm is positioned at approximately 1200 MASL in amongst the natural forest. The hand picked coffee is then delivered to the Aruco mill which is located at 800 MASL where the weather is a little less temperamental and better for drying. The cherries are washed and left to dry for 20-30 days.

We roasted this a little under medium, resulting in a nice, smooth acidity.

The varietal is Parainema.

Remember, once it's gone it's gone! Don't miss your opportunity to try the distinctive flavours of this Honduran coffee from a respected, small, independent farmer.

Beans: 100% Arabica 

Country: Honduras / Region: Corquin, Copan

Roast: 3/5

Tasting Notes: Honey / Blueberries

Body: 3/5    Sweetness: 4/5    Acidity: 2/5


Shipping Only £2.50 per order

Free delivery on all coffee orders over £20.00 (To UK Mainland only)

Only available in 250g bag