Limited Edition - Peru - Single Origin



Out latest limited edition coffee. This time from Peru.

We wanted a coffee from a country that we haven't supplied before. We also wanted it to work work well in its original form when brewed through a filter but also as an espresso. This ideally means the coffees acidity has to be nicely balanced.

We've seen good things happening in Peru more recently and they are starting to become a contender. To show off what Peru can do we picked coffee grown above 1600 MASL (Metres Above Sea Level). Harvested by a small number of farmers in El Palto.

The coffee is a mix of Caturra and Castillo and all washed. The farmers pick and dry the coffee themselves.

This coffee is graded and cupped at 84

Remember, once it's gone it's gone! Don't miss your opportunity to try the distinctive flavours of this Peruvian coffee.

Beans: 100% Arabica 

Country: Peru / Region: El Palto Bellavista

Roast: 2/5

Tasting Notes: Hazelnuts / Digestive Biscuits / Honey

Body: 3/5    Sweetness: 4/5    Acidity: 2/5


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Only available in 250g bag