The Swiss - Decaf


We believe decaffeinated coffee should be kept as pure as possible which is why we use the 100% chemical free Swiss-Water decaffeination process.

For more information on this process see The Swiss Water Process.

Our beans are sourced from Brazil and selected to keep a consistent, smooth coffee any time of the year. 

We’re proud of our decaf, with its consistent flavour that is medium bodied with nutty notes and dark chocolate.

Our decaf is always supplied in white bags. As some of you love coffee but have to avoid caffeine we thought it important to differentiate the bags.

Beans: 100% Arabica 

Country: Brazil

Roast: 4/5

Tasting Notes: Smooth/ Dark Chocolate / Nutty

Body: 4/5     Sweetness: 3/5     Acidity: 2/5


Shipping Only £2.50 per order

Free delivery on all coffee orders over £20.00 (To UK Mainland only)