Coffee Novice comes, unsurprisingly, from a passion for quality, fresh coffee.  

We, the founders, Tim and Bex, have been avid coffee drinkers for many years. After establishing a business in 2006 and spending many long days, and nights, being fuelled by caffeine, our search for great coffee became a favoured past time, or distraction from actually doing any work. It kept us focused through the long hours, picked us up when we needed it, was there for us in every important meeting and decision and was drunk to celebrate our wins and successes. Through the highs and lows, coffee was always there. 

After many years of drinking other people’s coffee we decided that we could do it better ourselves. Isn’t that how most businesses start. And, like most, we soon discovered it’s not that easy. 

However, driven by passion and a willingness to keep going, or stupidity, dependent on how you look at it, we’ve finally brought our coffee passion to you. We’re proud to bring you a little of what we love, to help you through your day, to celebrate, to socialise or to just take a moment. 

Coffee Novice was born out of a passion for coffee, to be shared, not kept secret and in a way that is accessible to all, for both the expert and novice alike. 

We hope you enjoy our coffee and look forward to sharing those special moments with you. 

Tim & Bex 

“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning”