'The Swiss' is Coffee Novices decaf coffee offering. Using the Swiss Water Process to decaffeinate the green bean whilst maintaining maximum flavour.

We believe decaffeinated coffee should be kept as pure as possible which is why we use the 100% chemical free Swiss Water decaffeination process.

The finest grown coffee beans are shipped in from Brazil. A small batch is initially pre-cleaned, removing the skin and any foreign matter. Using fresh water the beans are pre-soaked and hydrated. The coffee beans expand by 100% in preparation for caffeine extraction. 

The water is then drained away. Green Coffee Extract (GCE) is then pushed through the columns containing the cleaned, hydrated beans beginning the extraction process. GCE is water containing soluble coffee components.

Controlling the flow rate, temperature and timing the caffeine removal process is optimised.

Once the decaffeination process is complete the decaffeinated coffee beans are sent to the dryer. Using an evaporating drying process the vapour is removed.

The expelled CGE is fed through carbon filters to make it caffeine lean and ready to use again.

The whole process takes between 8-10 hours but the end result is a chemical free, fully decaffeinated coffee.

The decaffeinated beans are then ready for us to roast to our consistent, bold flavour. All ready to be shipped to you.

That is a very abbreviated explanation of the Swiss Water process. It's not an easy thing to explain. So here is a very useful video created by Swiss Water that gives you a much clearer idea of the process: