Chemex 6 Cup


The Chemex has made a big come back in recent years as the coffee world has grown, it is not only stylish but also produces a beautifully clean filter coffee, with very little bitterness. 

It is simple to use, using gravity to pull the hot water through the coffee granules, this produces a richer, smoother cup of coffee with less bitterness. The Chemex method is a sort of opposite to a french press, the resulting brew is a very bright and a fairly clear liquid, not as rich, thick and heavily bodied as a French press and produces a sediment-free cup.

For best results use white-bleached filter papers as the bleached brown papers tend to impart an unpleasant papery taste into the coffee.

Filter papers NOT included, but are sold separately. 


Shipping Only £3.00 per order (To UK Mainland only)