Brazil - Single Origin


Brazil has long been the largest producer of coffee, setting the standards for their quality and crop harvesting processes. Our Brazilian coffee comes from the famous Cerrado Minas Gerias region.

Very well balanced, Brazilian coffee often forms the base of a number blends but that should not detract from the appeal of their single-origin beans. Our Brazilian beans are roasted for a nice, smooth, easy flavour. Perfect as a filter coffee in V60’s and Aero Presses.

A naturally processed Brazilian coffee that delivers a nicely balanced, smooth, lightly nutty drink. Perfect for those who like a mild but tasty coffee.


Beans: 100% Arabica 

Country: Brazil / Region: Cerrado Minas Gerais

Roast: 2.5/5

Tasting Notes: Nutty / Sweet / Chocolate

Body: 3/5    Sweetness: 3/5    Acidity: 2/5


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